Game Changer!
    Robert Damron
    The Golf Channel
    A round at my local club is 15,000 steps and 40 flights of stairs… with the Walk18 harness, I wasn’t feeling the stairs
    Jerry Condon
    Avid golfer
    The last time I carried my bag for 18 holes was 25 years ago... I’ve had spine surgery, neck surgery, and I’ve had slipped disc in my lumbar area about 5 years ago, so I didn’t really think I’d be able to carry 18 again. And I feel fine.. I think I could probably walk at least another 9, maybe another 18 right now (with a smile on his face)
    Dr. Dan Sze
    PHD Stanford University, Avid Golfer
    A single strap bag made it almost impossible to carry, a double strap made my back hurt after about 4 or 5 holes. This feels like I’m carrying a Sunday Bag…
    Master Club Fitter
    It really doesn’t feel like it’s there. It evenly distributes the weight so it doesn’t feel as heavy on your back. You don’t feel weighed down with every step. That’s really good!
    Once again, the system was great! I can see why you want to share it with folks.
    Kat Lucky
    I feel nothing on my shoulders… I think fatigue after walking 18 will be a lot lower.. I think it’s a better strap system than what’s on any bag that you can buy..
    Paul Speltz
    Head Golf Pro, Brackett’s Crossing CC
    It’s not even on your shoulders… This is lovely! There’s no weight on your shoulders, its just around your waist, feels lighter than carrying a normal bag..…
    Shane Favinger
    Professional Golfer